Politically Dynamic & Empowered Immigrant African Community
Politically Dynamic & Empowered Immigrant African Community

About Us


We shall forever cherish the invaluable contributions of pioneers of civil right struggles in the empowerment of African-American and ethnic minorities, in general, who worked tirelessly to end slavery and Jim Crow laws. We are cognizant of the many patriots who paid the ultimate price for freedom, so that we can all enjoy and strive for opportunity in a conducive environment for growth. Their sacrifice is not in vain. We dedicate ourselves to continue the struggle to service the needs of our people.


The African Coalition, and the African Coalition Political Action Committee (ACPAC), were formed in June 2003 and formally inaugurated in September 2003.  This young but vibrant organization came into existence as an outcome of the need to generate economic and public agency support for the African community, from community-based rather than individual effort for electoral and civic activities. This vision was shared by several of the community leaders who accepted the invitation to be a part of this movement.


The mission of ACPAC is to seek the empowerment of the immigrant African community in all aspects of life through promoting political and civic participation.


Politically dynamic and empowered immigrant African Community .

Officers 2015 - 2016

A. Philip Aitsebaomo


Mosis Willett 
            Vice President

Joyce Olewe

Aster Eyob

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